Arisholm is a slow-fashion brand. It is the celebration of everyday couture - aiming to make a pathway between couture and ready-to-wear fashion. The brand was established in 2022 by Rikke Arisholm and is designed and produced in Copenhagen, Denmark.
At Arisholm, handmade designs and sustainability are an important part when developing collections. It is kept in focus when designing, and done so without compromising the craftsmanship and the respect of creating fashion. All designs and collections are limited editions. The making of designs is seen as an art form, where each garment has its own story and elegance. The fabrics used in the designs are deadstock material - materials which are sat in production but newer used.     The items are made to order, reducing overproduction of new materials and clothing.
At Arisholm, we aim for a no waste approach, meaning that all of the fabric and leftover cutouts from designs are used in another process for other designs. The leftovers are reused in new items and in details and print for new garments, making each design unique and limited editions. Resulting in limited collections, limited fabrics and a unique number of pieces. 
Every piece is numbered based on materials and style combination, so you can see how many of the specific styles are made in total, and which number yours is. The combination of material and styles varies in numbers depending on the design and how much material can be obtained, as amounts vary. 
At Arisholm, we believe in the 5-minute woman - the woman on the go - always knowing she has great pieces hanging in her closet, ready to be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The garments are there to empower you, while making you feel comfortable and beautiful when wearing it.
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