At Arisholm, transparency and responsible fashion is essential - from selecting the materials to the hand-made designs. For us, responsible fashion means producing items that last and are timeless designs. The making of a garment is seen as an art form, and each design has a story - their own unique process. When producing everyday couture items, we use a design process combination between pattern construction and drapery, machine sewing and hand sewing, and details are made by hand, such as fringes and hand painted prints.
We look at production of clothing as a craftsmanship with many steps overlapping to make a finished, hand-made garment. When producing and developing a design, there is a focus on making versatile garments, adjustable options, and reversible items, as a sustainable action in giving garments a longer life in use. 
Fabrics carefully chosen and bought in Paris 
Shipped from Paris to Copenhagen 
Inspiration process 
Design and collection development in Copenhagen 
Construction of garments in Copenhagen 
Cut out of patterns and the designs in fabrics in Copenhagen 
Garment details - fringes, hand-painted pattern on fabric in Copenhagen 
Fabric preparations  in Copenhagen 
Sewing of garments in Copenhagen 
Ironing/pressing of garments in Copenhagen 
Sewing of details on garments in Copenhagen 
Name and number of garments in designs in Copenhagen 
Shown and sales in Copenhagen
The design pieces are made from leftover, high-quality materials made in Europe, and carefully selected in Paris. The materials are deadstock textiles from France and Italy. The chosen materials are quality-conscious, durable and natural materials - silk, cotton, linen, cashmere, wool, and leather. On our wool and leather coats, we use fur, which is Saga certified fur bought in Denmark. The fabric may vary but the design aesthetics and high quality are not compromised when developing collections and new designs

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